objets rares

1781 / 2024

Lignereux is a timeless art collective dedicated to creating extraordinary art objects.


From 1781 onwards, the marchand mercier Martin-Eloy Lignereux was in business with boutiques in Paris and in London.


In 2016, after lying dormant for two centuries, Lignereux reawakens to create new masterpieces.


Today, as then, the Lignereux objets rares stem from the collective work of a group of designers, artists and artisans:


Dominique Daguerre — marchand-mercier (+1796)

Martin-Eloy Lignereux — marchand-mercier (+1809)

Gonzague Mézin — créateur d’objets rares


Art Plinths — Specialist woodworkers

Till Breitfuss — cabinet maker

Cabiria — art bronze workshop

Thiébaut Chagué — sculptor-ceramicist

Yves Connier — stone mason and sculptor

Fonderie de Coubertin — art foundry and bronze workshop

Façons Mécaniques — metal working studio

Romain Gardey de Soos — cabinet maker

Tanya Gomez — ceramicist

Xavier Le Normand — glass artist

Atelier Lemaître — marble manufacturing workshop

Fonderie d’art Macheret — art foundry and bronze workshop

Laura Murphy — ceramicist

Paelis — straw marquetry workshop

Marbrerie Provençale — marble manufacturing workshop

Claude-Charles Saunier — cabinet maker (+1807)

Silv’Or — metal fire-gilding and burnishing workshop

Solyfonte — art foundry and bronze workshop

Pierre-Phillipe Thomire — art bronze artist (+1843)

Thierry Toutin — lighting artisan

Ursae — goldsmiths

Adam Weisweiler — cabinet maker (+1820)

Samuel Yal — sculptor-ceramicist